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September 22, 2015
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March 29, 2016
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Research is important in order to reach our vision of strong individuals in a strong fellowship. The first scientific research project on our course was done in 2010, with such strong results that we want to do further research.

We’ve started a new research project aiming to confirm the already-existing results, and we are sure that this research will give exciting new results.

Scientific articles based on our work are in the pipeline, from the main project mentioned above as well as a qualitative study about what course participants who work in health fields have experienced.

Would you like to contribute to thrilling new developments for society?
As thanks for your contribution, we will send you a chakra meditation (mp3 file format) to your e-mail.
Please note that Apple has blocked their products iPhone and iPad to prevent direct downloads. It is possible to download this file to a mac or pc, then transfer to an iPhone or iPad.

Deborah has guided many people through this meditation, people who report that they have experienced great changes and help from this inner travel.

Thanks for your contribution