Research on «ConsciousnessTraining»

It’s important for Unique Mind ESP to be able to document the effects of ConsciousnessTraining, so that those who choose to participate in our courses feel assured about getting results.

A research project was carried out during the Fall of 2010 and Spring of 2011, and an article about it was accepted for publishing in the scientific journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience on 14 December 2016.

To confirm the results from the first project, another research project has been carried out.

We look forward to several more published articles in scientific journals, and information about these will appear on our website.

Nord University is responsible coordinator for the research on ConsciousnessTraining.

Here are some important results from the research:

  • The method results in the brain hemispheres functioning in a better way separately, while increased function between the brain hemispheres was also shown, giving significantly increased intuition. Intuition is a prerequisite for creativity. The increase in creativity helps us to be more solution-oriented. The brain uses less energy to solve the same tasks, making it more efficient.
  • Plasticity (the brain’s ability to create new connections) increases. The increased plasticity means more functional contacts between the regions of the brain. This in turn allows people to use more of the brain’s resources, suggesting enhancement of cognitive capacity and level of intelligence.
  • The resources of the brain are moved from the lower limbic system to the higher prefrontal cortex, the area for reflection and analysis.This also gives improved understanding of values, and an improved ability to understand the difference between right and wrong. Actions will be more governed by an understanding of comprehensive thinking and the interests of the common community, rather than taking action based on ego-driven motives. The enhancement of intelligence together with self-regulation is a basis for improvement of emotional intelligence. We expect that the course will have a positive effect on problems with attention (like ADHD, ADD), because the brain became, from a physiological point of view, more relaxed and more organized. Furthermore, one of the main effects was on the anterior cingulate cortex, which has a key role for attention. A beneficial effect might also be expected in cases with PTSD, as the training was found to decrease depressive traits and improve satisfaction with life. For the same reason, we suggest that applied to school-age children it can contribute to decreased cases of bullying at school.
  • Reduced global CSD (current source density) and increased EEG coherence, means that the brain is more relaxed and more effective at the same time. The increased synchronization of the brain hemispheres gives greater alertness and better learning ability. Participants have less symptoms of depression, increased satisfaction with life and improved feelings of mastering in life.Stress is replaced by a comprehensive way of thinking and increased reliance on their own resources. One experiences inner calmness and improved ability to cope with challenges, increased self-confidence, presence of mind and freedom from critical inner thoughts.
  • After the course, and with continued use of the techniques taught there, the brain takes a new leap forward in the way it handles anxiety/fear. The "self" has access to emotions but in a balanced way, permitting the feeling and expression of emotions in an optimal manner while still in touch with a rational mindset.

We continue our work to enable additional research projects.

Many people want to contribute to our work to integrate this way of thinking in society. Research in schools, psychiatry, and regarding substance abuse are areas that we give priority. We are grateful for all contributions/donations.