Who we are

Our vision

Our vision is to help people to help themselves. When each of us uses our full potential, we will function optimally as a whole and we will be stronger individuals in a strong community. This leads to a society in continuous development, with more empathy for all parties in cooperation for peace.

Our symbol

In 2009 we created our logo and our symbol. The symbol is meaningful for us, and it expresses our thoughts about the work that we want to do.

The symbol is shaped like the letter U, with a circle in the middle. The U represents the unique possibilities that lie within each individual human, and it also expresses that each human is unique.

The circle in the middle represents our planet and all of humanity as a fellowship. It also represents a focus point. We humans must keep focusing on what we want.

For us the symbol also represents a human. A person has two sides, two dimensions and two brain hemispheres. A human in meditation and in balance. The mental training we do at our courses creates balance between the brain hemispheres and thereby balance between reason and emotions, something that is essential in order to cope with challenges in daily life with inner calmness.

We also see a horseshoe (a symbol for luck), and a magnet that attracts all that is good for everyone as a whole.

In the symbol we also see a “pathway” that represents neural pathways in the brain.

We know that with our training, old pathways can be transformed and new neural pathways created.