The results from ConsciousnessTraining™ can also be yours

Increased presence of mind and satisfaction with life

Increased creativity and more solution-oriented

More energy, inner peace and greater focus

Increased balance between logic and emotions

Increased learning ability and memory

Less worries and better sleep

Increased self-esteem and feeling of mastering

Enhanced intuition/gut-feelings

Increased control of own thoughts

Reduced anxiety and depression

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ConsciousnessTraining™ gives you increased self-regulation

Your brain is the key to a daily life with satisfaction and meaning

Now, more than twenty years after the discovery that the brain is changing throughout life, society has slowly but surely awakened. There are plenty of offers to what we can do to train the brain to different benefits, ranging from meditation and mental training to physical training and walks in nature. All these activities are good for us and are training different parts of the brain.

ConsciousnessTraining™trains the entire brain and gives an immediate effect.

Think of training of the brain as a puzzle. In order for you to function optimally at work, privately and in relationships and collaboration, the whole brain is trained so that all the pieces you need fall into place.

After course and with your eyes open, it is easy to be in a stress-free zone.

In addition to training of the brain, there are two simple techniques for use in daily life. They can be used at home in your own living room, without the need for guidance..

You open for more of your potential and see new opportunities.

You can think smarter and more efficiently!
Excerpt from the first research project

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A healthy brain provides healthy signals

The brain contains of billions of nerve cells that through advanced interaction control our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and movements, and deal with all the impulses received.

When you decide to go for a walk in the woods or choose to do a workout, it's the brain that gives signals to your body so you can carry out whatever you've decided.

Since the brain is our signalling system, it is advantageous to train it to send healthy signals to the body. When we do that, it promotes good physical and mental health, while preventing brain diseases.

You can choose a healthier brain!
hjernens nettverk

ConsciousnessTraining™ is a course that promotes
good mental health and makes you mentally robust

You will master your own feelings when facing difficult situations

You will increase your ability to use logic to solve new issues

You will have high emotional stability

You will think more clearly and become more effective

You will enhance your adaptability

You will simply endure more!
  • Camilla
    I have tried a lot of different things, but it wasn't until I started working with the techniques I learned here that I really saw results and changes.
  • Svein
    The course has given me insight and an understanding, and not least a tool that I use in my daily life, that makes my life easier and better to live.
  • Ingvil
    About eight to nine years ago I was bedridden, taking a lot of painkillers and could not get up. I'm absolutely certain that ConsciousnessTraining™ is the reason I today have a family, a partner and a little daughter, and I've gone back to work.
  • Bjørn
    The course has given me better self-confidence both at work and at home, and I recommend it to everyone. It is very useful and has done a lot for me.
  • Jørund
    To keep it short, I would just like to say that I recommend this course to anyone who wants an unmistakably good feeling in the body. There are a lot of unnecessary chaotic thoughts that just fade away by using what you learn at this course.
  • Elin
    The course has given me the tools that I needed to fulfill my dream of becoming an author. Of course it requires a lot of hard work, but every time things came to a halt or I encountered obstacles, I had the techniques.
  • Ingun
    The fact that I can achieve my career goals and cope with challenges I encounter, has changed who I am. I create good solutions, have now considerably increased my satisfaction with life and enjoy the good life.
  • Steinar
    After a stroke last year, I was troubled with anxiety and depression. With these techniques, I have managed to keep my self well and strong throughout the entire period.
  • Ane Ingeborg
    Earlier I was very afraid. Afraid of the dark, to be home alone, afraid of speaking up and afraid to take action. Now I can handle situations in a completely different way. I feel I master my life better.
    Ane Ingeborg
  • Ragna
    I've had a tough life with many traumas. Without this course, I don't know where I'd be today. The techniques help me to be my own psychologist, my own coach, my own leader and it's worth its weight in gold.
  • Rebecca
    This course has contributed to giving me better concentration in my studies and better results than earlier. I don’t need to use as much time to prepare for exams, and I get good results by using the techniques I learned at ConsciousnessTraining™.
  • Annelise
    All of you have contributed to changing my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you grand people.

  • Trond
    ... Your techniques help me to have more energy in my busy daily practice as a primary care physician, and this benefits my patients too...

  • Bente
    As CEO for a company I notice much less stress, and I cope with challenges with greater calmness than I did earlier.

  • John M N
    I’ve learned techniques that I can use to process trauma from childhood, resulting in better feelings of mastering and self worth. This has given me better self-insight and understanding, and not the least – better quality of life.
    John M N
  • Jostein
    Your course has taught me methods I can use to prepare for and cope with tomorrow’s challenges in a better way, in a very hectic daily life.


ConsciousnessTraining™ for Adults


Now we all can use more of our potential. This enables us to make choices and decisions based on who we really are, and not based on all the demands made to us.

The courses consist of lectures and mental exercises. As a participant you do not need to perform in any way or share information about yourself or from your life.

Are you ready to have the life you really want?

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