A Unique concept

Deborah’s book gave him the answer
March 13, 2016
“It can’t be that easy”
March 16, 2016

A Unique concept

Vil du bli en bedre utgave av deg selv,

Hi there!

Some thoughts and feedback from one who has taken the ConsciousnessTraining I course.

Would you like to become a better version of yourself, enjoy a better life and do a better job at the same time? This course has given me the tools to do just that. You may look forward to taking this course, because it gives an opportunity for development - in your private life and at work!

When I tell others about how great this course is, it occurs to me that it is a unique concept that covers a lot. The course has uplifted me and given me help to hold focus and recognise opportunities. It has given me a feeling of inner and outer well-being and helps me to master my daily life as well as my job - all of me and everything I do every day. Without exaggerating, it is fantastic!

The exercises are easy and seem like "play" while they increase our understanding. It is easy to be in dreamland during the exercises - it feels great - we learn and play at the same time! As a teacher I know that this makes it easier to learn, so I repeat: look forward to enjoying this course.

I experienced that this course made me even more goal oriented. I really had an opportunity to better understand what a goal is. I was able to ponder and gain more knowledge about setting goals and goal-oriented work. What is a goal? How to set goals? Which goals are wise to set for oneself? And - how do I get there? Working Individually while part of a larger course. It was fantastic how Deborah accomplished this; it felt good and secure for just about everyone.

Do I want to change myself? How am I influenced? The exercises and techniques have enabled me to understand how I can start developing - myself as well as my relations with others. Who can change me? What shall I take personally? Many good angles, and the simple techniques of the course show me how I may move forward. I have strength enough to come to the top of even the steepest slopes.

Positive focus...
This course is definitely a "YES" course. It has allowed me to understand several points of view and enabled me to turn situations around - so that I enjoy positive energy the whole time - so that I think about possibilities instead of limitations. To be able to make choices and know that I can decide how to tackle whatever comes my way. The most unbelievable situations give me something positive, because I choose my own thoughts and feelings.

The course gives increased peace and harmony - in that I shall think and close my eyes. This leads to a calm state where my thoughts can wander, and I become more conscious of my thoughts and feelings. What did I think of just then? Hmm... what did that mean to me? It is exciting and interesting to become more aware of oneself, even a little scary. I want to know myself; then I am a better person, benefiting myself and those who are around me. This has made me become more honest about myself and when cooperating with others. I notice that this helps; I find myself less often thinking thoughts like "what if" or "what is he or she thinking". Either I do something about it, or I consciously decide to not let it bother me. This frees me to concentrate on and be concerned about those things that really matter, in a conscious way.

The road ahead...
I am on my way, and new challenges do appear in my life. Fortunately! I don't like all of the challenges when they appear, but with the help of the techniques that we practice so well at the course, it is now easier to tackle these challenges.
Relationships are something that I work on every day, and they are steadily changing. I also believe that if I am to become good at something, then I need to practice. I will definitely take a repeat class, and then use what I have learned every day.
I hope that you do yourself a favor and take this course - you will notice a difference afterwards - in a good way!

I wish you the best of luck with your choices - and that we all experience a better world and daily lives!
Yours sincerely,

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