Brain frequencies


Electroencephalography, abbreviated EEG, is a method used to record electrical activity in the brain. The frequencies are divided into five main groups:

Gamma (30-40 hertz, high Gamma 40-50 hertz) Is among other things associated with good memory and a good learning process. Gamma activity increases when we are under great pressure, and is also associated with alertness and ingenuity.

Beta (12-25 hertz, high Beta 25-30 hertz) is a level that is associated with the activities of the left brain hemisphere. Beta activity that is too high can lead to stress, anxiety and anger, and can cause the body to go into a state of emergency preparedness. At this level we are consciously awake and steered by our will. Beta is generally regarded as a "normal" frequency and is dominant in people who are awake, anxious or have their eyes open. Beta brainwave frequencies are considered to be the normal frequency pattern in healthy adults..

Alpha (8-12 hertz) is associated with light sleep and daydreaming. It is at this level that our two brain hemispheres are able to communicate.
We gain access to the ESP sense, creativity, a balanced mood and stable emotions. The combination of Alpha and high Gamma creates a state of peak mental preparation and performance..

Theta (4-8 hertz) is associated with deeper sleep, narcosis and hypnosis. We gain access to a level where we can make lasting changes. Theta gives us an opportunity to process past experiences and remove obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals, thereby increasing our opportunities.

Delta (1-4 hertz) is associated with deepest sleep, and at this level we gain access to a more comprehensive perspective, including empathy. Delta is also a level for connecting with something greater that oneself, a solidarity.

All humans have all groups of brain frequencies, but it is the strength, the combination of- and access to them that are important for achieving what we want.

Tasks of the brain hemispheres

Our two brain hemispheres have different tasks, and information is transmitted between the two brain hemispheres through the corpus collosum, a broad band of nerve fibres joining the two. When the connection between them is good, we are able to use our opportunities and resources in a good balance.

Understanding the tasks of the brain hemispheres is essential in order to see the resources we actually have available to us. Here are some of the most important tasks:

Left: writing, speech, language, mathematics, and logic. It understands connections – one by one in order.

Right: creativity, imagination, ESP sense, images, depth perception, music/rhythm, patterns/habits, emotions and holistic understanding.

ConsciousnessTraining™ strengthens the connections between the brain hemispheres, creating balance between emotions and logic, and make the brain more effective.


The qualities of the brain frequencies

Nøkkelen til god psykisk helse

We emphasize deliberately using the good qualities within all five groups of frequencies in our daily lives:

- The ability to perform at a high level sustained over time with inner peace (Gamma)
- The ability to get things done – the ability to act (Beta)
- Balance between reasoning and emotions – emotional stability (Alpha)
- The ability to create something new and change something old – adaptability (Theta)
- The ability to think comprehensively and have increased empathy (Delta)

By consciously strengthening these qualities, we gain access to unused abilities and resources, and use our full potential.

The good qualities are the key to good mental health.

You simply tolerate more!