“ConsciousnessTraining” is a method shown to be significant for our emotions and our mental health

«ConsciousnessTraining» is published in a scientific journal
January 20, 2017
Livet består faktisk av alt - liv og død og alt i mellom
Life consists of all phases – life, death and everything in between
April 3, 2018

“ConsciousnessTraining” is a method shown to be significant for our emotions and our mental health

A new study shows that we, working on our own, can change how we perceive episodes and situations that influence our daily lives negatively. This makes it possible to regain feelings of mastering and joy instead of uneasiness and fears about not performing well enough.

The study was based on the “ConsciousnessTraining” course developed through 24 years by Deborah Borgen. “ConsciousnessTraining” trains the brain in a systematic way in order to optimize and strengthen functioning of the brain.

The research project had 30 participants of both sexes, with an average age of 35.5 years. The group was homogeneous in that none of the participants had previous experience from meditation or courses in self-development. The project was carried out over 13 weeks, and all participants completed the project.

The group participated in a 2-day course. EEG measurements were done on all participants before the course, and a new measurement was done after the course. They were to then use the techniques learned at the course for the duration of the project. After 12 weeks the group participated in a repeat of the same 2-day course, and thereafter new EEG measurements were done. Participants also answered questionnaires.

This research is important because it shows that we can self-regulate our emotions. In addition, participants were more satisfied with their lives and evaluated themselves as more effective.

Where psychotherapists were used earlier, we can now do this ourselves. With a minimum of professional intervention, this method can be developed as a cost-efficient aid for treating some forms of sub-clinical depression.

The study also shows that regular use of this method can make us happier.

For businesses this can contribute to improving the morale of the workforce and increase motivation and productivity.

Published scientific article
Article from Health Medicine Network

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