You may have learned that you can train your brain using crosswords or that stress levels can be reduced with a walk in nature, meditation or yoga. But you may not have learned that you can consciously develop and train your brain to deal with life's challenges, promote mental health and prevent brain diseases.

Our brain training has been developed, tried and tested through twenty-four years by Deborah Borgen. In addition, she created two simple techniques, which altogether constitute ConsciousnessTraining™. That is, results come from a combination of the training of the brain done at the course, and the techniques you can use at home.

ConsciousnessTraining™ consists of lectures on how we function mentally and how we learn and develop attitudes and behaviours throughout life. In addition, the participants are guided through mental exercises, where thoughts are used in an organized and systematic manner.

Part of the training we do at the course, is called guided imagery training, and is already considered an effective method in cognitive psychotherapy. ConsciousnessTraining™ has elements of cognitive psychotherapy and psychology, but because the whole brain is trained, you can use the techniques at home in your own living room, without a need for guidance from a therapist. That's why scientists call ConsciousnessTraining™ for "self-guided imagery training."

The word imagery means imaginary, unreal or non existent. When we are creative and get an idea, we use imagery (imagination). We can say that an idea is imaginary until it is realized. It is natural when we are young to have imaginary friends or fantasy friends as some call them. The mental exercises in the training of the brain are based on imagery, and as research shows, it provides good thinking capacity and an ability to understand the difference between imagination and reality.

The results of the research done on the training done at course show, amongst other things, that you get increased emotional and cognitive development (feelings and thinking). Greater balance between emotions and logic is important for managing small and great challenges and tasks in daily life. You are trained to be in a zone so that your brain can be in balance throughout the day.

Nightfilm is a planning tool. In short it is used to sort and tidy in your head, as well as to get an overview of the next day. This gives quality sleep and a good overview of daily life. In addition, the technique puts things in perspective and leads to new solutions.

The Creative Corner is used for goals and mental preparations as well as to change difficult situations, or when something comes to a halt. The changes made are lasting, and this increases the feeling of mastering, satisfaction of life and our mental well-being.

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