ConsciousnessTraining is training of the brain in a systematic way, in order to optimize and strengthen functioning of the brain.

Qualities of the brain
Perhaps you have learned that you can train the brain with crossword puzzles, or that stress levels can be reduced by taking a walk in nature or using meditation or yoga. However, you may not have learned that you can consciously develop and train your brain to cope with challenges in life.

The brain is being focused upon more than ever, and we now have new knowledge about the enormous resources and qualities that we can make use of in a conscious way. We have five main groups of brainwave frequencies in the brain that are measured by EEG (electroencephalogram). During ConsciousnessTraining we emphasize the conscious use of good qualities within all five groups of brainwave frequencies in our daily lives.

- The ability to perform at a high level for sustained lengths of time while remaining calm
- The ability to get things done – to take action
- A balance between logic and emotions – emotional stability
- The ability to create something new and transform something old – adaptability
- The ability to think holistically and have greater empathy

Tasks of the brain hemispheres
Understanding the tasks of the two brain hemispheres is vital for understanding the importance of being in balance and realizing the resources we have available to us. When we use the logical left brain hemisphere dominantly, we restrict our creativity. Likewise, when creativity in the right brain hemisphere is predominant, we can find ourselves thinking of too many things that just might happen. ConsciousnessTraining strengthens the brain hemispheres both individually and together, creates balance and makes the brain more effective.

These are the most important tasks related to the brain hemispheres

Why are we who we are?
ConsciousnessTraining uses “the mental iceberg” as an explanatory model to show how we humans mentally function. The visible part of the iceberg represents our daily life where we are awake and conscious. Our behavior influences our daily life. What we say, think and do. The part of the iceberg that is submerged represents our creativity within, the realm of sleep and the subconscious. This is also where our attitudes and truths are found.

The first measureable brainwave frequency in humans is Delta frequency, and that is why we say that the building of the mental iceberg starts there. As research shows today, we are also influenced by genes and heredity. During the first years of life – until six or seven years of age – the mental iceberg is built up without analysis. We adopt attitudes and truths from our environment. When our ability to analyze has developed, we continue building upon the foundation that already exists. By the teen years we have built the basis that determines our behavior as adults. We are then living in the conscious (visible part of the iceberg), and most of the contents of the subconscious are forgotten and hidden from consciousness in our daily lives.

If we are to change the attitudes and truths we previously absorbed, we need to do that at the subconscious level. Today we know that it is possible to make these changes using cognitive therapy among other methods. ConsciousnessTraining makes it possible to make these changes ourselves, because we have been trained to deliberately make use of qualities in Theta brainwave frequencies. The brain is in many ways like the rest of our body, various parts can be trained and thereby changed.

If we look at the size of the conscious and subconscious parts of the mental iceberg, we can see that the greatest capacity lies in the subconscious part. It is these unused resources and this level of our brain that we must have available to us in our daily lives in order to solve problems and challenges in our lives and in society in general.

Iceberg ENGLISH2

ESP sense – an important resource
ConsciousnessTraining increases functional connectivity between the two brain hemispheres, resulting in an enhanced ESP sense. ESP is an acronym for extra sensory perception. This sense is necessary for creativity that makes us more solution oriented.

In order to understand what is stored in the subconscious part of the mental iceberg, we need to strengthen and understand our ESP sense. Just as we have our five physical senses to orient ourselves in the conscious, outer world, we use our ESP sense to orient ourselves in our inner world, our subconscious.

The ESP sense functions in three different ways:
- One way is kinesthetic (to feel). This means that we can feel it in our body in various ways. The expression “gut feelings” can be a feeling in the gut, but can also be a “tightening in the chest” when we feel that something isn’t right.
- Another way is auditory (to hear). When we get ideas or thoughts, we can “hear” them within. Many people say “I just knew it.” In other words, we call it intuition.
- The third way is visual (to see). Images are seen in our mind’s eye, such as in our dreams. When someone describes something to us, we may often say “Yes, I see what you mean.”

Our ESP sense is also the sense we use when we dream. We can feel, hear and see in our dreams. We all experience gut feelings or intuition in our daily lives as a warning that something isn’t right. The ESP sense is a task of the right brain hemisphere, as are emotions and imagination. If we don’t also use logic, a task of the left brain hemisphere, then fear and chaos easily result. ConsciousnessTraining trains you to use your ESP sense in a new, optimal and constructive manner to find good solutions in your life.

Simple techniques for use in your own life
ConsciousnessTraining gives you two simple techniques:

- Nightfilm is a planning tool. In short, this technique is used to sort thoughts and clear your head of worries as well as get an overview of your following day. This gives you a good night’s sleep and a good survey of your daily life. This technique puts things in perspective and helps to find new solutions.

- The Creative Corner is used for goals, mental preparation and transforming difficult situations or clearing away something that is obstructing you in your daily life. It creates lasting changes, resulting in feelings of mastering, satisfaction with life and mental well-being.

Some of what becomes available to participants after a course:

• Simple techniques for use in one’s own life
• Enhanced intuition/gut feelings
• Increased confidence about own resources
• More energy, inner peace and greater focus
• Increased control of one’s own thoughts
• Increased learning ability and memory
• Fewer worries and better sleep
• Increased presence of mind and satisfaction with life

One thing that is certain, is that life has its ups and downs. You will continue to encounter challenges and things you need to cope with after the course. The difference lies in how you cope with them after ConsciousnessTraining.

“Unique Mind ESP - Key to inner wisdom” consists of:

ConsciousnessTraining I

ConsciousnessTraining I consists of lectures that focus on the structure and development of consciousness – that is, how we learn and develop throughout life. It also includes mental training and techniques for unlearning and learning attitudes anew. Our capacity for change is enhanced.
ConsciousnessTraining I also covers methods for achieving goals, thereby increasing our capacity for taking action. This training strengthens emotional, social and relational competence.

In sum, ConsciousnessTraining I gives competence for navigating all the various social situations we find ourselves in, and competence for handling these various situations in the best way for an optimal whole.

Course Overview

ConsciousnessTraining II

This course aims to deepen and strengthen ConsciousnessTraining I. The lectures focus on giving you a new perspective of who you are and what resources you have available.

The effect of the course is inner growth that creates new results in life and in your daily life. We work on understanding the formula that makes a stronger individual.

This is about lifting values and being a strengthened individual in a strong community.

The ConsciousnessTraining II course will be offered at a later date.