Course for Adults

ConsciousnessTraining I™

ConsciousnessTraining™ is a training of the brain that gives an immediate scientifically documented effect. The brain is trained in a systematic way to optimize and strengthen the brain's functions. This means that we train the whole brain so that we achieve all the effects of the actions we take, to get better mental health and quality of life.

The brain has a much greater significance for mental health and quality of life than we previously thought. A few years ago, we learned that the brain can develop for as long as we live - it does not stop developing. We can develop and train the brain to handle life's small and great challenges and tasks in daily life. New knowledge about the brain shows that by training the whole brain, we can control feelings and thoughts and get our head to cooperate with us!

In addition to the training of the brain, ConsciousnessTraining™ give you two simple techniques. These techniques give you a further effect of the course. You can choose how much time you want to use on the techniques. In your daily life, you only need to take a deep breath, with your eyes open, to find the calmness you need in different situations you meet.

The techniques can amongst other things be used to work on personal goals, change emotions related to negative experiences, or improve relations with other people. These can be used in your own home, without the need for guidance from a therapist. The techniques can be used in the situation that are relevant in your life here and now.

Practical information

- ConsciousnessTraining I™ runs over a weekend from kl. 10:00 - 20:00 both days.
- Course fee: CAD 670,-. (Please contact the instructor if you wish pay in 2 or 3 installments). Refreshments/meals are not included in the price.
- The possibility of guidance by phone in use of the techniques is included in the course fee.
Reduced price for a repeat of ConsciousnessTraining I™ at CAD 135,-.
- On the last day of the course you will receive a diploma and a repetition card, and you will also receive a Compendium for ConsciousnessTraining I™.
- The lower age limit is 18 years, or 16 years with the written consent of a parent or guardian.
- At this course you do not have to take notes, just be present for all the course hours.

ConsciousnessTraining II™

This course aims to deepen and reinforce ConsciousnessTraining I™. The lectures emphasize giving you a new perspective about who you are and the resources you have.

The effect of the course is personal growth that creates new results in your daily life. We work on understanding the equation that gives a strengthened individual. It's about focusing on values, and being a strengthened individual in a strong community.

Practical information

- ConsciousnessTraining II™ is coming to Canada at a later date.

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