Course for Adults

ConsciousnessTraining I™

No matter who we are, we can increase our quality of life The brain has much greater significance for the quality of life than we have previously thought. We can develop and train the whole brain to handle life's small and large challenges and everyday tasks. New knowledge of the brain shows that by training the whole brain, we can take charge of our feelings and thoughts, getting our head to cooperate with us!

In addition to training the brain, ConsciousnessTraining™ gives you two simple techniques. The techniques can amongst other things be used to work towards personal goals, cope with and regulate emotions related to negative experiences, or improve relations with other people. The techniques can be used in your own home, without the need for guidance from a therapist. The techniques can be used in situations that are relevant in your life here and now.

After the course, you need only to take a deep breath, with your eyes open, to find the calmness you need in different situations you encounter.


Course set-up:

The courses consist of lectures and mental exercises. As a participant you do not need to perform in any way or share information about yourself or from your life. The group is trained as a whole.

• We are in a venue with chairs set up theater style.
• Lectures take place in sessions of 1.5 hours each, with breaks between each session.
• There are mental exercises where you:
• Close your eyes and listen to the exercise that is read, and
• Your thoughts are used actively in the exercise in order to train the brain.

Items from the program:

• The brain, its structure and how it is built up.
• How to use our full potential.
• ESP sense – an important resource – we strengthen gut-feelings and intuition.
• Communication with our self and others.
• Establish a stress-free zone with eyes open – a unique way to handle pressure and stress.

Two simple techniques for use in your own life:

Nightfilm is a planning tool. In short it is used to sort out and clear the head, and in addition to get an overview of the next day. That gives good quality sleep and a good overview in daily life. In addition the technique put things in perspective and creates access to new solutions.

The Creative Corner is used for goals, mental preparations, and changing difficult situations or when something comes to a halt in life. The changes that are done are lasting, and this will amongst other things increase the feeling of mastering, satisfaction with life and our mental well-being.

Results after course

Briefly summarized:

• Simple techniques for use in your own life
• Strengthened intuition/gut-feelings
• Increased belief in one’s own resourses
• Increased self-esteem and feeling of mastering
• More energy, inner peace and a greater focus
• Increased control of own thoughts
• Increased learning ability and memory
• Less worries and better sleep
• Less anxiety and depression
• Increased presence of mind and satisfaction with life.

Scientifically documented course

Several research projects have been carried out on ConsciousnessTraining™. Straight after completing the course, the brain has positive and lasting physical changes. The research showed that this is not due to placebo effect, but is directly related to this training of the brain

Practical information

• ConsciousnessTraining I™ runs over a weekend from kl. 10:00 - 20:00 both days.
• Course fee: GBP 390, -. (Please contact the instructor if you wish pay in 2 or 3 installments). Refreshments/meals are not included in the price.
• The possibility of guidance by phone in use of the techniques is included in the course fee.
• Reduced price for a repeat of ConsciousnessTraining I™ at GBP 70,-.
• On the last day of the course you will receive a diploma and a repetition card, and you will also receive a Compendium for ConsciousnessTraining I™.
• The lower age limit is 18 years, or 16 years with the written consent of a parent or guardian.
• At this course you do not have to take notes, just be present for all the course hours.

ConsciousnessTraining II™

This course aims to deepen and reinforce ConsciousnessTraining I™. The lectures emphasize giving you a new perspective about who you are and the resources you have.

The effect of the course is personal growth that creates new results in your daily life. We work on understanding the equation that gives a strengthened individual. It's about focusing on values, and being a strengthened individual in a strong community.

Practical information

• ConsciousnessTraining II™ is coming to the UK at a later date.

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