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What would happen to your business, if all your managers and employees were inventive and full of ideas, managed to put their suggestions into practice, were empathetic towards others, made good decisions by following their gut feelings and never got stressed - no matter how much they had to do?

This scenario is fully realistic and achievable. By using new research-based techniques, it is possible to increase capacity and efficiency in the brain. This will open up new opportunities and competitive advantages, for both companies and the individual employees.

ConsciousnessTraining™ is a training of the brain that gives an immediate scientifically-documented effect. The brain is trained in a systematic way to optimize and strengthen the brain's functions. This means that we train the whole brain so that we achieve all the effects of our actions.

A few years ago, we learned that the brain can develop for as long as we live - it does not stop developing. We can develop and train the brain to handle life's small and great challenges and tasks in daily life. New knowledge about the brain shows that by training the whole brain, we can become more adaptable and see better solutions in cooperation with others.

In addition to the training of the brain, ConsciousnessTraining™ gives you two simple techniques that give you a further effect of the course. The techniques can be used afterwards without any need for guidance, and can be used in the situation that is relevant in your life here and now.

The research was done on healthy people, and shows that ConsciousnessTraining™ provides increased learning ability, better memory, increased ability for self-regulation, and greater ability to use logic to solve new problems. These results are some of the things that make the course recommended for academic purposes, such as solving assignments at work.

Due to increased ability to solve problems and experience of improved relations, the ability to adapt increases. ConsciousnessTraining™ can be used as a cost-effective course for facilitating goals for good health. For the same reasons, the course can be used to enhance cooperation and efficiency in the workplace.

ConsciousnessTraining™ consists of lectures and mental exercises. The course runs over two consecutive days, 8 hours per day.
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