Deborah’s book gave him the answer

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March 13, 2016
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March 13, 2016

Deborah’s book gave him the answer

I've talked to you many times while in my inner room. Perhaps some of it has come through to you, and perhaps some is still out there floating in the ether☺. I am unspeakably happy that I've been to your course; it has improved my life.

It's been a while since I started telling my youngest son about your course and encouraged him to take it. He almost attended a course last fall, but something happened and prevented him. This year he wasn't able to either. I pondered about other ways to get him to the course☺.

Then your book arrived early in April. I had pre-ordered it☺. Yes! I thought, I'll send him your book. And this I did☺. He phoned me late one night to thank me for the book and to say that he had already read 80 pages. Yes, yes, thanks, thanks, thanks, I thought☺.

My son said that this is the first book to give him the answer to how he can create what he wants. And he's read many books - Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robins, and more.

He likes that you are down-to-earth while you simultaneously open a new world of possibilities.

I could have written a long, long e-mail☺, but I'll stop here.

Congratulations for the publication of Magisk hverdag, Deborah☺.

A loving hug,


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