Everything is possible

I changed radically
March 3, 2016
March 13, 2016

Everything is possible

Dear Deborah
I'd like to share some of my experience after my first ConsciousnessTraining I in 2011. I've suffered from Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), resulting in dizziness. My first course was in September 2011, and the weekend gave me more than I had imagined. Getting into balance and bringing forth my own inner strength has helped me, and the dizzy spells have almost disappeared after using the Nightfilm technique regularly.

I had to quit working as a carpenter, but that didn't matter. I went to my inner room and waited patiently to see what new door would open for me. At first I was surprised by the answer: Start a daycare center for dogs.

I've had dogs for 24 years and I also breed dogs. I've also worked with dog «problems». I choose to call them misunderstandings between the four-legged and two-legged. After that first course in 2011, I prepare for consultations by going to my inner room and «meeting» the problem dog there. In that way I'm rested and ready when I do meet the dog. I also go to my inner room while working with the dog, and my intuition/gut feelings give me the solution.

I've used the Nightfilm technique regularly since 2011. As with all people, there has been resistance in my iceberg. I'm no exception, so in 2012 I became reckless and dropped off on using the Nightfilm technique and my goal book. I ended up with blood poisoning and pneumonia.

I suddenly remembered that I hadn't been to my inner room for a long time. A center for dogs was my goal. I started asking around on farms nearby, and was given an opportunity to lease a very large unused greenhouse that was just standing there and deteriorating. That was in June last year, and I started the application process with the local government to change the zoning permits. I was told that it would be impossible to do this permanently.

So I asked for a temporary permit, and said that the greenhouse would be used and not torn down. She looked at me for a few minutes that felt like hours, then said that it might work, but I would need to get permission from a long list of places and people. I also got permission from the federal road administration.

Yesterday the politicians in Sola, my local community, voted «yes» unanimously and wished me luck with Sola Canine Center.

Many thanks Deborah and your team! Wishing you a magical day.

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