Facilitated courses

ConsciousnessTraining™ for the public and private sectors

Whatever your type of business, we will meet the needs. For example, we have adapted courses for psychiatry and substance abuse, emergency personnel, government departments, kindergarten and grocery stores.

This is a course for all employees, at all levels.

Mentally robust people perform better
Did you know that mentally robust people handle stress, hardship and difficult situations better? Using good mental tools for development, creates security, well-being and efficiency, and leads to a dynamic working environment.

Mental capital - smart thinking
Promoting smart thinking is important in an age of new tasks and challenges (environmental issues, globalization, readjustment, etc.). Promoting smart thinking in working life also prevents mental illness in society in general.

Research shows that the training provides increased ability to regulate emotions, increased ability to use logic to solve new problems, and it increases non-verbal reasoning which is an indicator of general intelligence. At the same time, the training enhances intuition and creativity.

Smart thinking quite simply means using both brain hemispheres simultaneously when solving tasks. By increasing mental capacity in this way, you can be creative, analyse, view details and at the same time have a good overview where you use logic to solve new problems.

Prepare your business for the future!

Course set-up:
The courses consist of lectures and mental exercises. As a participant you do not need to perform in any way or share information about yourself or from your life. The group is trained as a whole. The course runs over two consecutive days, 8 hours per day.

- We are in a venue with chairs set up theatre style
- Lectures take place in sessions, about 1.5 hours each, with breaks between each session
- There are mental exercises where you:
- Close your eyes and listen to the exercise that is read
- Your thoughts are used actively in the exercise in order to train the brain

Items from the program:
- The brain, its structure and how it is built up
- How to use our full potential
- Technique I: Sorts and tidies in the head for good quality sleep, as well as gives a new perspective for new solutions (a planning tool)
- Technique II: Goals and changes – increases our adaptability. Mental preparations, as well as handle and regulate emotions
- Establish a stress-free zone with eyes open

Contact us and together we will find solutions for training in your business: lena@uniquemindesp.com