Brain wave frequencies

Everyone has all the various groups of brain wave frequencies, and it is the strength, combinations and access to them that is important in order to achieve what we want. The training at our course gives you an optimal amount of the various brain wave frequencies, in addition to balance and a flexible and effective way to use your brain.

Brain wave frequencies are divided into groups of Hz (cycles per second):

High Gamma: 40-50 Hz

Gamma: 30 - 40 Hz

High Beta: 25 - 30 Hz

Beta: 12 - 25 Hz

Alpha: 8 - 12 Hz

Theta: 4 - 8 Hz

Delta: 1 - 4 Hz

Gamma: This is the only brain wave frequency that is produced in the entire brain. It is also related to good learning and memory. According to newer research, Gamma is a frequency that is activated when the brain learns something new, by "burning" new neural pathways. It is also important for perception, organising and production of new brain cells.

Beta: This frequency is associated with attention, concentration and mental activity such as thinking and planning. High Beta may lead to stress, anxiety and anger, and may put the body in a state of alarm.

Alpha: In an adult, this frequency dominates in the rear of the brain. The rear part of the brain receives and processes sensory information. This activity is highest when we have our eyes closed, and is greatly reduced when our eyes are open. Alpha frequency is also present during daydreaming. Alpha frequencies are also related to inner attention and integration of body and mind, as well as balanced mood and stable feelings.

Theta: Is associated with deeper sleep, narcosis and hypnosis. It is also normal in children under the age of 13 while they are awake. Theta also allows access to an increased ESP sense and the ability to recognise this, as well as reinforces the level for creativity. Theta activity makes it possible to rediscover earlier experiences. These frequencies also help our immune system to perform optimally.

Delta: This is the dominant frequency found in brain activity of children under one year of age. In adults, Delta activity is associated with deepest sleep and being in a coma. It is at this level that we gain access to a more comprehensive perspective, including empathy. This frequency promotes restoration of body and mind, optimal ESP sense and the highest feeling of inner consciousness. Delta is a level for connection to something greater than oneself, a togetherness. In addition, Delta is related to release of melatonin and DHEA, two powerful anti-aging hormones, as well as reduced levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress that has been scientifically shown to advance the aging process.