Her kan du betale direkte med Vipps eller du kan betale med bankkort, når du kommer til kassen.

Alle bøker du bestiller på vår nettbutikk, er inkludert frakt. 

The Inner Child

This exercise is an active dynamic meditation. This means that you are to use your thoughts actively and follow instructions during the whole exercise.

The Inner Child exercise aims to process hidden and forgotten feelings from childhood. No matter whether a childhood was good or not so good, a small child experiences even minor occurrences as larger and in a different way than we experience them as adults. These hidden and forgotten feelings influence our adult lives and can prevent us from getting what we want out of life.

The research done on ConsciousnessTraining™ shows that you can use the techniques without the guidance of a therapist.

The Inner Child is a good exercise for releasing, and you can use it according to your own needs and desires.

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