Project - mental health and substance abuse

We have entered into an agreement with the municipality of Trondheim for a project regarding mental health and substance abuse.

The initial aim of the project is that staff from a department, in each of the two units: "Unit for Substance Abuse Services" and “Unit for Mental Health and Substance Abuse”, participate in courses in Consciousness Training ™ with follow-up afterwards.

Other departments are also invited. The following departments participate:

Research and competence units in the field of substance abuse and mental health
LMS-Learning and Mastering Center for Relatives
KORUS-Competence Center on Substance Abuse
KBT- the Competence Center for User Experience and Service Development
NAPHA – National Competence Center for Mental health

The project started in August 2018 and lasts for six months.

Prosjekt psykiatri og rus

School project

A school project is scheduled to start in 2019.

The goal is to gain experience with the use of ConsciousnessTraining™ in schools, so that we gain more knowledge about how to work in a goal-oriented manner with mental health and life mastering in primary school. The project has a scheduled duration of three years.

The project follows our pedagogical ConsciousnessTraining™ program.

More information will be provided when the project is ready to start.


Completed projects

In March 2017 we started a project in Lørenskog municipality, more specifically in Løken kindergarten.

The aim of this project is to gain experience with our educational programs in kindergartens (pedagogical ConsciousnessTraining™)

The staff has completed two courses in ConsciousnessTraining™. After the course, staff has followed a step by step guide about how to work with adult interaction skills, as well as childrens’ and teens’ life mastering skills.

The staff has been given guidance on how to integrate good routines for goal-oriented reflection practices in their work. An important focus has been the interaction that occurs when meeting with children, parents, guardians and colleagues.

In addition, the staff has used the childrens’ group sessions to tell about Tutu the car that travels around the world to help children cope with large and small tasks and challenges we can encounter in life.

Løken kindergarten has now in its annual plan for 2018/2019, integrated the pedagogical ConsciousnessTraining™ in the work with children and adults.