Your potential

Take charge yourself, and live the life you want

“Until you make the subconscious conscious, it will control your life and you will call it fate.”
Carl G. Jung (1875-1961)

Many let fate steer their lives because they do not believe they can do anything about it.

We all have unused potential in the subconscious. It is a source of insight, knowledge and solutions that we can use in daily life to steer our lives OURSELVES.

The unused potential is linked to the deepest sleep phase and to Delta frequencies. The challenge has been to gain access to the subconscious so that we can use this potential in daily life..

Flight/fight mechanism

When we humans are in danger or in difficult situations, we spontaneously find ourselves with incredible strength in different ways. We call it a flight/fight mechanism. After a difficult period, we may look back and ask ourselves "Where did I get the strength from?" Another example of the power of the flight/fight mechanism is a son who is able to lift a car to save his dad.

The research results show that we can organize the brain in a new way, so that we can use the positive power of the flight/fight mechanism in daily life. This power is part of the unused potential we have as human beings.

ESP sense

To understand the subconscious and open up for using our potential, we must use this inner sense that is a language of the subconscious.

ConsciousnessTraining™ increases the functioning between the brain hemispheres, which gives an enhanced ESP sense. ESP is an abbreviation for extra-sensory perception. This sense is a prerequisite for creativity that makes us more solution oriented.

YOU have an ESP sense and YOU have used it always and every single day. This is something we may not have learned so much about, but instead we talk about gut-feelings or intuition. Both are actually part of your ESP sense, in addition to visual images.

Let's take a look at some examples that you may recognize:
- You may have experienced talking to someone, but feel that what the person says is not right.
- You may have experienced entering a room and feel that something "is in the air".
- You may have "taken the words out of someone’s mouth" or heard someone say to you: “That was exactly what I was about to say”.
- You may have looked at the umbrella on your way out the door, but left it at home anyway.
- You may have had an important decision to make and you just knew what to do.
- You may have had someone on your mind and then they have contacted you.
- You may have reached for the phone and someone has called at the same time.
- You may have had an impulse to buy a newspaper and discovered that the exact information you need is there.

In all of these examples you have used the ESP sense.

We do not always trust the information we perceive and perhaps we are not even aware of it. There is a lot of useful information available that helps life flow more smoothly if you learn to use your ESP sense in a conscious way, and as mentioned, it helps you to understand more of your potential.

We have three different ways to perceive non-physical (subconscious) information:
• One way to perceive information is kinesthetic (feel). It means we feel it in our body. In the case of gut feelings there is an actual feeling in the stomach, but we can also get a "lump in the chest" when we feel that something is wrong.

• Another way to perceive information is auditory (hear). When we perceive an idea or thought, we can hear it within. Many say "I just knew it ", and to know something, you must have used inner hearing. In other words, we call it our intuition.

• The third way to perceive information is visual (see). We perceive this information as images in our minds eye, as in our dreams. A common expression we may use when someone describes something for us is: "Yes, I can see it".

The ESP sense is also the sense we use when we dream. In our dreams we can feel, hear and see. We all use gut-feelings or intuition in daily life, often as a warning of something that is not good. The ESP sense is a task belonging to the right brain hemisphere, just like emotions and imagination. If we do not also use logic that is a task of the left brain hemisphere, we can create fear and chaos.

ConsciousnessTraining™ trains you to use the ESP sense in a new way, to use it optimally and constructively for good solutions in our lives.

You can use more of your potential, and take control YOURSELF!