• Bjarte
    The course has helped me to learn to balance analysis and intuition, and I have therefore discovered and chosen opportunities that I otherwise would have missed out on. High income, good relationships and daily magic are some of the results.
  • Hug from Rebecca
    This course has contributed to giving me better concentration in my studies and better results than earlier. I don’t need to use as much time to prepare for exams, and I get good results by using the techniques I learned at ConsciousnessTraining.
    Hug from Rebecca
  • Oyvind
    Thanks for a splendid ConsciousnessTraining course...I now have new tools to use along the way.

  • Hug from Therese
    ...This course will open new doors in several arenas.

    Hug from Therese
  • Annelise
    All of you have contributed to changing my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you grand people.

  • Trond
    ... Your techniques help me to have more energy in my busy daily practice as a primary care physician, and this benefits my patients too...

  • Friendly and grateful greetings, Bente
    As CEO for a company I notice much less stress, and I cope with challenges with greater calmness than I did earlier.

    Friendly and grateful greetings, Bente
  • Sincerely, John M N
    I’ve learned techniques that I can use to process trauma from childhood, resulting in better feelings of mastering and self worth. This has given me better self-insight and understanding, and not the least – better quality of life.
    Sincerely, John M N
  • Greetings, Birgit
    Fantastic to sit at a course for two days = 20 hours and get energized!!??!

    Greetings, Birgit
  • Sincerely, Lene
    The ConsciousnessTraining course is indescribably effective. Nothing else can compare. This is something I would like everyone to enjoy!

    Sincerely, Lene
  • Best wishes from Jostein
    Your course has taught me methods I can use to prepare for and cope with tomorrow’s challenges in a better way, in a very hectic daily life.

    Best wishes from Jostein

Research on ConsciousnessTraining

Documented effects
It’s important for us to be able to refer to documented effects of ConsciousnessTraining, so that those who choose to participate in our courses feel assured about getting results.

The first scientific article based on our course has now been published in the scientific journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

When the brain becomes more effective – you discover completely new solutions
You can cope with the challenges of daily life with inner calmness and use your resources to create the life you want.

ConsciousnessTraining is effective training of the brain, and gives you simple techniques to use in every area of your life.

Why are we who we are?

Why to do we say what we say, think what we think, and do what we do?

ConsciousnessTraining uses “the mental iceberg” as an explanatory model to show how we humans mentally function.


Who are we?

Almost everyone has a deep inner longing to change developments in the world, but not many have learned that each and every one of us must contribute, and that it’s possible for us to do so. Through goal-oriented development, we in Unique Mind ESP have learned that we can use our inner resources to make conscious changes, in order to create a good life for ourselves and others. We hope to inspire you to do the same!

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the questions that we often receive.