• The course has helped me to learn to balance analysis and intuition, and I have therefore discovered and chosen opportunities that I otherwise would have missed out on. High income, good relationships and daily magic are some of the results.
  • This course has contributed to giving me better concentration in my studies and better results than earlier. I don’t need to use as much time to prepare for exams, and I get good results by using the techniques I learned at ConsciousnessTraining.
    Hug from Rebecca
  • Thanks for a splendid ConsciousnessTraining course...I now have new tools to use along the way.

  • ...This course will open new doors in several arenas.

    Hug from Therese
  • All of you have contributed to changing my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you grand people.

  • ... Your techniques help me to have more energy in my busy daily practice as a primary care physician, and this benefits my patients too...

  • As CEO for a company I notice much less stress, and I cope with challenges with greater calmness than I did earlier.

    Friendly and grateful greetings, Bente
  • I’ve learned techniques that I can use to process trauma from childhood, resulting in better feelings of mastering and self worth. This has given me better self-insight and understanding, and not the least – better quality of life.
    Sincerely, John M N
  • Fantastic to sit at a course for two days = 20 hours and get energized!!??!

    Greetings, Birgit
  • The ConsciousnessTraining course is indescribably effective. Nothing else can compare. This is something I would like everyone to enjoy!

    Sincerely, Lene
  • Your course has taught me methods I can use to prepare for and cope with tomorrow’s challenges in a better way, in a very hectic daily life.

    Best wishes from Jostein


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Even the most difficult can be made to feel easy.

By using hitherto unused resources, you can cope with challenges in daily life with inner calmness.